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Deliver high-performance software products using our expertise in Web Automation testing, Mobile App Automation testing, and API Automation testing. Release your applications without any hassles or burning a hole in your early-stage business budgets.

Why partner with Vervali for automation testing?

Continuous Testing using CI/CD

Continuous Testing seamlessly integrates automated tests into the CI/CD pipeline, guaranteeing software quality and reliability from development to deployment.

Reduced Testing Time

Efficiently Bring Your Error-Free Product to Market with Automation Testing. Focus on Delivering Value to Your Customers, Not Dealing with Testing or Support Tickets.

Early ROI

Automation testing offers a cost advantage, being 20% more cost-effective compared to other testing methods. Beyond the immediate savings, the invaluable insights, informed decisions, and long-term ROI it delivers contribute to a superior customer experience and sustainable business success.

Customized Frameworks

We don't believe in a one-size-fits-all approach. At our core, we recognize that Quality Assurance must be tailored to your unique product and business needs. Experience the power of tailored automation testing, where we design and execute tests using customized frameworks that are precisely aligned with your requirements.

Web Automation Testing

Ensure your web applications run securely across web browsers with smooth responsiveness and functionality.

Mobile Automation Testing

Deliver the ultimate user experience to your mobile app users across a variety of mobile devices and platforms.

API Automation Testing

We help you with reliable automation testing of endpoints and API systems for a successful release.

How Vervali helps you get the most out of automation testing?

Scope Definition

Understand the project requirements and objectives. Identify the scope and critical functionalities to automate.

Test Strategy

Create a test strategy outlining the overall approach. Define the testing scope, objectives, and test environments.

Tool Selection

Choose the appropriate automation testing tools based on project needs. Consider factors like compatibility, scripting languages, and reporting capabilities.

Test Environment

Prepare the necessary test environments, including hardware and software configurations. Ensure a stable and consistent environment for testing.

Test Script

Write automation scripts to replicate test cases. Incorporate data-driven and parameterization techniques for versatility.

Test Data

Create or gather test data required for automated tests. Ensure data validity and relevance to test scenarios.

Test Execution

Execute automated test scripts in the chosen testing environment. Monitor test runs and collect results.

Test Reporting

Generate detailed test reports with pass/fail results. Include logs, screenshots, and any additional relevant information.

Defect Management

Identify and document any defects encountered during testing. Prioritize and communicate issues to the development team.

Test Maintenance

Keep test scripts up-to-date with changes in the application. Modify and expand automation as the project evolves.

Continuous Integration
(CI) Integration

Integrate automation tests into the CI/CD pipeline for regular automated testing. Ensure that automated tests are triggered after each code commit.

Review and Analysis

Review test results and analyze patterns and trends. Use insights to make informed decisions and improvements.

Continuous Improvement

Seek opportunities to enhance test coverage and automation efficiency. Regularly update and optimize test scripts and processes.

Vervali’s Automation Testing Toolkit

We strive to adopt tools and languages that are in sync with leading industry standards and tailored to your business needs

With Vervali, you get a partner for effective and timely automation testing

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Data Security

Protecting digital information from unauthorized access, theft, or corruption.

Targeted Testing

Identifying specific areas of the website or application that are most critical or vulnerable to errors, and focusing testing efforts on those areas.

-30% Reduce Bug Cost

Through effective quality assurance practices, such as implementing automated testing, conducting regular code reviews etc.

Focused on Business goals

Aim to maximizing the website's potential to drive growth, increase revenue, and achieve other key performance indicators (KPIs).

-20% Testing Time

Through prioritizing testing efforts based on risk analysis and streamlining the testing process.

Risk Based testing

Involves identifying and prioritizing potential risks associated with a software application or system, and using this information to guide testing efforts.

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